Connecting Everything Together

Digital-platform large

Our Digitial Platform can deliver an extensive range of rich functionality for staffing businesses but it cannot deliver a complete end-to-end solution without integration to complementary systems and services, hence we have developed a range of interfaces to facilitate phased implementation to achieve end-to-end processes:

  • API Gateway to readily configure 2-way interfaces to third party web services.
  • Data Exports that can be readily configured to match the import formats of legacy systems
  • Excel spreadsheets can be dynamically populated directly from the database and automatically updated
  • Documents like contracts can be merged, generated, approved and signed
  • Communications are tightly integrated and messages fully configurable with data merging for full personalisation for SMS, Email, and Messaging
  • Clients’ requirements can be readily configured to capture orders and deliver invoices with timesheets
  • Suppliers’ self-bill invoices can be generated as required
  • Bespoke integration to legacy CRM, Accounts and Payroll enables implementation to be phased without replacing existing systems

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