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The days when ‘once system fits all’, and access is largely restricted to internal staff,  and everyone has the same user interface irrespective of their role, and spend more time in emails and spreadsheets are now over at last! The objective of expressHR’s proprietary Digital Platform is simple – enable each customer to have a bespoke system quickly and at low cost as very little code needs to be developed, and the following tools are used to configure designed-for-purpose processes and user interfaces:

  • Adaptive Page builder for interfaces that render on any device
  • Forms builder to capture any data and documents
  • Extensible database to store any data and documents
  • Workflow engine to drive processes
  • Communication engines for email, text, messaging and meetings
  • Automated Message and Document merging and tracking
  • Permissions engine to restrict users access to any function and any data
  • Scheduler for planning resources and activities
  • Task Manager and reminders for each user to progress their tasks on schedule
  • Report Builder to generate any reports and export data
  • Dashboard Builder to track operations and KPIs in real-time
  • API Gateway to connect to third party systems

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